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Remembrance in South Reddish 2018

















The community of South Reddish came together again this year to Commemorate and Remember the Military who are buried within Willow Grove Cemetery from both World Wars.


The Friends of Stockport Cemeteries would like to thank all who participated and supported and played a part in both events


This being our final Centennial Event for the Great War we would like to give special thanks for Janet Evans, the Deputy Lord Lieutentant of Greater Manchester James Baker the parade marshal, all serving, ex- servicemen/woman, cadet forces, representatives the local church St. Marys, Stockport Council and including the local community who all played a part in making this event a success.


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photos of the Centennial Commemoration Event at Willow Grove  in November 2018
























Event at Brunswick Cemetery 31st August 2019 by FOSC the purpose of the day was to show off the renovation of an old cemetery in the centre of Portwood roundabout Stokport.


Our first visit to the site was February 2016, initially clearing the place from debris removing self-seeding saplings, pruning trees, cutting the grassed area. Whilst clearing the site we uncovered the footprint of the chapel this area was covered with paving stones over time some have been raised slightly with roots of self-seeding saplings making some places uneven.


FOSC applied for funding to renovate the flagged area and install two interpretation boards on the site and would like to say thank you to the Stockport’s council officers for the support and advice given to the group enabling them to carry out this project successfully.    Also to Stockport’s local area committee, Tesco and Vernon Building Society.


“Without the help of the cadets and staff from Greater Manchester ACF over the past few years, we could not have achieved as much as we have.


They have worked tirelessly in all weathers and are a credit to the Army Cadet Force and the community





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